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Chairperson Board of Governors
St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School Naggalama is governed by the Board of Governors as the registered Trustee of Diocese of Lugazi. The Board also innitiates major policies and supervises their implementation. The board is also responsible for appointing all teaching staff and other members of the school administration. In the execution of its duty, the Board is assisted by two functional committees namely, the Finance, Planning and General Purpose Committee and The Academic and Disciplinary Committee.
   NAME                                     POSITION
1. Msgr. Dr. Richard Kayondo                         Chairman                  
2.  Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Ann Nansubuga  Vice Chairperson
3.  Rev. Fr. Peter Ntege Lwazi  Education Secretary/Ex-officio
4  Mr. Joseph Ssettimba Musisi  Member
5.  Salongo Quirinus Muyingo  Member
6.  Ms. Mary Josephine Nabuyungo  Member
7.  Dr. Kenneth Kigoonya  Member
8.  Dr. Anthony Kkonde  Member
9.  Mr. Bosco Kimuli  Member
10.  Mrs. Alice Nyanzi  Member
11.  Mrs. Mable kigozi  Member
12.  Ms. Carol Rose Namukwaya  Co-opted member
13.  Mrs. Agnes Nsubuga  Secretary/HM
Finance Planning and General Purpose Committee among others plays the following roles;
  • Preparation of the school development plan and the associated financial plans for approval by the Board
  • Working hand in hand with the board to approve procedures for managing school raised funds
  • Monitoring the school budget
  • Fixing fees and other charges with the approval of the Board
  • Ensuring that the school property both movable and immovable is under safe custody
Academic and Disciplinary Committee among others plays the following roles;
  • To support the school and monitor the performance of staff for the highest possible standards required by the Board
  • To bring out strategic views and plans that will promote academic excellence and acceptable moral conduct
  • To ensure that the curriculum of the school satisfies the requirements of the Ministry of Education
  • Draw up school policies on health and safety and students rules and regulations for approval by the Board
  • Ensure accountability by holding Headteacher and staff accountable for implementing the agreed plans in regard to academic and disciplinary progress
  • Monitor the behaviour and performance of both teaching and non-teaching staff, students and advise the Board to take any disciplinary action against any errant members


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